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Project Description Owner Last Change
android/helloworld.git Hello, world! Android app Someone 23 months ago
ctf/pub/adminscripts.git we_0wn_you ctf-team 23 months ago
ctf/pub/attack_dns.git we_0wn_you ctf-team 23 months ago
ctf/pub/exploit_framework.git we_0wn_you ctf-team 23 months ago
ctf/pub/network.git we_0wn_you ctf-team 23 months ago
ctf/pub/network_captures.git we_0wn_you ctf-team 7 months ago
ctf/pub/submit_bot.git we_0wn_you ctf-team 23 months ago
factorio/RealisticDecorationCleanup.git 11 days ago
factorio/Waterbomb.git 3 months ago
factorio/some-autoresearch.git 3 months ago
factorio/some-benchmark.git 3 months ago
factorio/some-corpsemarker.git 3 months ago
factorio/some-disableenemygeneration.git 3 months ago
factorio/some-iconlessfish.git 3 months ago
factorio/some-infinitychest.git 3 months ago
factorio/some-lazybastard.git 3 months ago
factorio/some-luaconsole.git 3 months ago
factorio/some-npp.git 12 days ago
factorio/some-resourcespam.git 3 months ago
factorio/some-spidertron.git 11 days ago
factorio/some-train-inserter.git 9 months ago
factorio/some-zoom.git 3 months ago
fsinf/basics.git Basics Studienleitfaden fsinf 23 months ago
fsinf/kif/liederbuch.git Kif Liederbuch fsinf/kif 23 months ago
fsinf/pub/cheatsheet.git Fachschaft Informatik... 23 months ago
fsinf/pub/mate.git Fachschaft Informatik... 2 years ago
fsinf/pub/sticker.git Fachschaft Informatik... 20 months ago
fsinf/pub/stuff.git Fachschaft Informatik... 9 months ago
fsinf/pub/w2c.git Fachschaft Informatik... 5 years ago
fsinf/pub/welcome2code.git Fachschaft Informatik... 23 months ago
irc/bugbot.git Bugzilla bot irc 23 months ago
irc/irpg.git Idlerpg enhanced irc 23 months ago
irc/peer.git Peer java bot irc 23 months ago
irc/pjirc-ng.git PJIRC fork as PJIRC died long... Someone 23 months ago
irc/robot9000.git Robot9000 irc 23 months ago
pub/astra/parallel.git 23 months ago
pub/jan/adbs.git 4 months ago
pub/jan/aic18.git 4 months ago
pub/jan/ctf-seminar.git 4 months ago
pub/jan/digfor.git 4 months ago
pub/jan/dslab.git 23 months ago
pub/jan/dst18.git 4 months ago
pub/jan/ewbs-dlv.git 23 months ago
pub/jan/funcprog.git 23 months ago
pub/jan/inetsec2.git 4 months ago
pub/jan/lsdc.git 4 months ago
pub/jan/mattermost-api-python.git 4 weeks ago
pub/jan/mattermost-bot.git 17 hours ago
pub/jan/mattermost-dev-env.git 14 months ago
pub/jan/mattermost-privileged.git 37 hours ago
pub/jan/mattermost.git 8 months ago
pub/jan/mw_mm_webhook_extension.git 10 months ago
pub/jan/neo-fsinfcoin.git 12 hours ago
pub/jan/netsec2.git 4 months ago
pub/jan/parprog.git 4 months ago
pub/jan/pyWH1080.git 4 months ago
pub/jan/sbc.git 4 months ago
pub/jan/scripts.git 23 months ago
pub/jan/sysprog.git 23 months ago
pub/someone/test.git 8 months ago
root/btrfs.git btrfs scripts root 23 months ago
root/munin.git Munin plugins root 23 months ago
root/sysbackup.git sysbackup scripts root 23 months ago
tools/certgen.git Certificate generatio scripts git 23 months ago
tools/githelper.git git helper scripts 9 months ago
tools/homesync.git Homedir sync scripts git 6 weeks ago
tools/vmdiff.git Tool to diff filesystems Someone 23 months ago