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2013-06-25 Andreas EggerFinal presentation
2013-06-25 Andreas EggerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dev.somenet.org:666...
2013-06-25 Andreas EggerAdding diagrams and presentation
2013-06-25 Someonefinal presentation. NEED BETTER INPUT FILE!
2013-06-24 Andreas EggerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dev.somenet.org:666...
2013-06-24 Stefan Derkitsfix stop Events in SchedB, count start & stop in SchedC
2013-06-24 Andreas EggerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dev.somenet.org:666...
2013-06-24 Andreas Eggersmall improvement
2013-06-24 Stefan Derkitsfixed bug with delayedApps
2013-06-24 Andreas EggerRestoring the original state (migration)
2013-06-24 Andreas EggerAdding start / stop output
2013-06-22 Andreas EggerFixed bug in scheduler A
2013-06-22 Andreas EggerAdding debug count for started / stopped
2013-06-22 Andreas EggerSome own test outputs on resize and delays
2013-06-20 Stefan Derkitslog resize events
2013-06-20 Stefan Derkitsresize VM down after migration in SchedulerB
2013-06-20 Stefan Derkitsfix SchedulerC
2013-06-20 Stefan Derkitsrevert build.xml after end presentation
2013-06-20 Stefan Derkitsremove unused annotation
2013-06-20 Andreas EggerAdding insourcing of events
2013-06-13 Andreas EggerFixed bugs in scheduler B, adjusted C
2013-06-13 Andreas EggerFixed last bug in migration
2013-06-13 Andreas EggerAdding LVA Testdaten
2013-06-13 Andreas EggerFixed bug in Migration
2013-06-13 Andreas EggerAdding resize code , still not working ?!
2013-06-13 Andreas EggerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dev.somenet.org:666...
2013-06-13 Andreas EggerSched B resized
2013-06-13 Stefan Derkitsfix strange methods in Physical & Virtual Machine
2013-06-13 Stefan Derkitsfix bug in SchedB
2013-06-13 Jan ValesCSVParser now does not set the Applications' ids (moved...
2013-06-13 Jan Valesfederation now has askToInsource().
2013-06-13 Jan Valeschanged visibility of randomInt to be able to use it...
2013-06-13 Jan Valesadded getScenario to be able to get the scenariotype...
2013-06-13 Jan ValesApplications now store their own nextID.
2013-06-13 Andreas Eggerchange build.xml clean ..
2013-06-13 Stefan Derkitslower timestamp advance in JobGenerator
2013-06-13 Stefan Derkitscreate 1500 jobs & make jobs run longer
2013-06-13 Andreas Eggerfixed scenario params in build.xml
2013-06-13 Andreas EggerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dev.somenet.org:666...
2013-06-13 Andreas Eggerdelayed apps test
2013-06-13 Stefan Derkitsavoid concurrent modification exception in handleDelaye...
2013-06-13 Andreas EggerAdjust migration algorithm to get max. utilization
2013-06-13 Andreas EggerOrganize logfiles output - less error prone
2013-06-12 Stefan Derkitsimplemented SchedC
2013-06-12 Stefan Derkitssmall (but maybe important) bugfix
2013-06-11 Andreas EggerRefactorings and bugfixes
2013-06-11 Stefan Derkitsonly call runMigration() in Schedulers that extend...
2013-06-11 Stefan Derkitsput code for migration into new class AbstractScheduler...
2013-06-11 Stefan Derkitsadded Migration to SchedB
2013-06-11 Stefan Derkitsmoved sorting of PMs into MachineManager
2013-06-11 Stefan Derkitsmoved handling of delayed Apps into AbstractScheduler
2013-06-11 Stefan DerkitsBig changes: change EventMap, move the stop/stopOutsour...
2013-06-11 Stefan Derkitsmove outsourced event handling from SchedulerB to Abstr...
2013-06-11 Stefan Derkitsadded all possible Sched/Scenario combinations to build.xml
2013-06-11 Stefan Derkitsmoved DelayedApps List to Abstract scheduler, remove...
2013-06-10 Stefan Derkitschange utilization to only take current CPU/Size/RAM...
2013-06-10 Stefan Derkitsdeleted lib, now readded it :)
2013-06-10 Stefan Derkitsremoved some commented code
2013-06-10 Stefan Derkitschange CSV logging to own logging
2013-06-10 Stefan Derkitsfixed run targets for JobGenerator B & C
2013-06-06 SomeoneSchedB now has Federation and Delaying of apps.
2013-06-06 SomeoneFederation now "works"
2013-06-03 SomeoneArrayList type was killing checkstyle. "new ArrayList...
2013-06-03 SomeoneSplit the one big ugly handle functions into smaller...
2013-06-03 Someonereadded maven for QA purpose AND easier integration...
2013-06-03 Someonefixed VM.resize()
2013-06-03 Someoneadded bin/ to .gitignore
2013-06-03 SomeoneSched B. Ein wenig getestet.
2013-06-03 Someoneadded immediate flushing to not desync stderr/stdout.
2013-06-03 Someoneadded a configurable logging framework (logback)
2013-05-23 Stefan Derkitsimplemented end-logging
2013-05-23 Stefan Derkitslog at every timestamp, not only timestamps with events
2013-05-23 Stefan Derkitschanged names of resoure variables to reserved*, change...
2013-05-23 Jan Valesbilder angepasst an bugfixes.
2013-05-22 Andreas EggerModified presentation a bit
2013-05-22 Stefan Derkitsfix bug in Physical machine
2013-05-22 Stefan Derkitsfix small Bug for scenario C in JobGenerator
2013-05-22 Jan Valesupdated presentation and some little changes to generat...
2013-05-22 Stefan Derkitsadd assignment.pdf
2013-05-22 Stefan Derkitsfix available Resources (they are maxsize - currsize...
2013-05-22 Stefan Derkitschanged calculation of RAM,CPU & Size
2013-05-22 Stefan Derkitsadd toString() to Scenario & SchedulerData (allows...
2013-05-22 Stefan Derkitsshutdown PMs, fixed a small (but important) bug in...
2013-05-22 Jan ValesResults unseres meetings
2013-05-22 Andreas EggerSome docs added
2013-05-22 Jan ValesAdded UML diagram and Presentation-Skeleton.
2013-05-22 Andreas EggerCleaned up
2013-05-22 Andreas EggerFixed: Output File OK
2013-05-22 Andreas EggerScheduling working, still needs to be tested
2013-05-21 Stefan Derkitsadded one todo,small style changes
2013-05-21 Stefan Derkitswrite end Events when deploying app, fix consumption...
2013-05-21 Andreas Eggersome fixes