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2019-03-24 gitGITOLITE.txt
2019-03-23 gitGITOLITE.txt
2019-03-23 gitGITOLITE.txt
2019-03-23 gitGITOLITE.txt
2019-01-12 gitGITOLITE.txt
2018-06-06 Jan Vales[3.3] first part.
2018-06-05 Jan Vales[3.2-java] der meh part. like srsly docker-java? -.-
2018-06-05 Jan Vales[3.2-linux] geiles non-java zeug!
2018-06-05 Jan Vales[3.1] seems to work.
2018-06-05 Jan Vales[3.1] refactored queues - removed manual bindings.
2018-06-05 Jan Vales[3.1] messaging. need refactoring?
2018-05-29 Thomas RauschMake ElasticityControllerTest more tolernat to edge...
2018-05-22 Thomas RauschFix all profile and add module to ass3-elastic profile
2018-05-22 Kristoffer... Add ass3-elastic profile
2018-05-22 Kristoffer... Normalize versions across project to 2018.1
2018-05-08 Thomas RauschUpdate vagrant configuration
2018-05-08 Thomas RauschAdd template for assignment 3
2018-05-09 Jan Vales[2.2.2] Transparent DI works.
2018-05-09 Jan Vales[2.2.1] Standalone DI works now.
2018-05-04 Jan Vales[2.3.3] Interruption timers. We have them.
2018-05-04 Jan Vales[2.3.2] Logging aspect done.
2018-05-04 Jan Vales[2.3.1] working plugin finder and executor.
2018-04-04 Thomas RauschAdd template for assignment 2
2018-04-04 Thomas RauschPrepare existing modules for next assignment
2018-04-01 Thomas RauschMake Ass1_4_3_01Test tolerant towards existing collections
2018-04-03 Jan Valeshash password!
2018-03-30 Jan Vales[1.5] redis ^.^
2018-03-29 Jan Vales[1.4] Dataloss As A Service. DONE.
2018-03-28 Jan Vales[1.2.3b] Das war ja vergleichsweise einfach.
2018-03-28 Jan Vales[1.2.3a] oidaaaa... tag is vorbei :/
2018-03-28 Jan ValesModel fixes to remove unneeded tables.
2018-03-28 Jan Vales[1.3.3] Interceptor seems to work.
2018-03-28 Jan Vales[1.3.2] DefaultListener.
2018-03-28 Jan Vales[1.2.2] "complex" query.
2018-03-27 Jan Vales[1.2.1c] another dreadful named query.
2018-03-27 Jan ValesMake h2 delete EVERYTHING on connect.
2018-03-27 Jan Vales[1.1.2] inheritance: joined.
2018-03-27 Jan Vales[1.2.1ab] changed model + dao to do the first named...
2018-03-26 Jan Vales[1.1.1+1.3.1] model + dao(-stubs) + Material Listener.
2018-03-26 Jan ValesFix dst18-vagrantfile to download the box by itself
2018-03-11 Thomas RauschAdd template for assignment 1
2018-03-11 Thomas RauschReadme by dst team.
2018-03-26 git.gitignore
2018-03-26 gitGITOLITE.txt
2018-03-26 gitInitial commit InitialCommit