[pub/astra/parallel.git] / prefix /
2012-01-31 someonempiscan abgabe erweitert und cleaned repo
2012-01-30 David Kaufmannfix runall that it works with hillis_sum
2012-01-30 David Kaufmannstop program if invalid array size occurs
2012-01-30 David Kaufmannavg instead of min @prefix
2012-01-30 David Kaufmannadd reduce.c,reduce.h
2012-01-30 David Kaufmannadd reduce algorithm
2012-01-30 Jan Valesadded autocompile step.
2012-01-30 Jan Valesgetopt fix: will now fail when reading more than $file...
2012-01-30 Jan Valesunsigned long bla = -1; ... yeah!
2012-01-29 David Kaufmannadd warning to hillis_sum
2012-01-29 David Kaufmannadd mkdir for stats/generated
2012-01-29 David Kaufmannimprove parsing
2012-01-29 David Kaufmannparsing done
2012-01-29 David Kaufmannread *all* the runs
2012-01-29 Jan Valesmore todos...
2012-01-29 Jan Valesadded scheduler variable to runall - also allow storage...
2012-01-26 David Kaufmannmoved code