2014-05-21 Someoneadded NOBACKUP dir to excludes
2014-02-23 Someonelowered backup count
2013-12-30 Someonechanged backup scripts to compress with lzo
2013-08-26 Someoneadded timestamp to backup start and done message
2013-08-26 Someoneadded /srv to backup
2013-01-10 SomeoneAdded copyright + licence header to my code
2013-01-10 SomeoneLICENCE.txt (gpl v3)
2012-08-18 Someonepermission granting changed
2012-08-18 Someoneremoved auto exec bit addition on non exec files
2013-08-26 Someonemoved out of scripts-repo new
2012-08-18 git.gitignore
2012-08-18 gitGITOLITE.txt
2012-07-10 gitInitial commit InitialCommit